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Oil Spill Response is the important service at Atmosphere Company to respond to oil spills wherever in Kurdistan Region of Iraq may occur, by providing preparedness, response and intervention services.

An effective response depends on competent personnel working to a well-developed plan that has been adequately resourced and regularly exercised. Our Preparedness Services will ensure your staff are trained, your plans are properly developed and have access to the right equipment. Once this is in place, we can help review and test your response capability. To guarantee you are truly response ready requires a continual cycle of reviewing, updating and testing of all elements of preparedness.

  • Secondees, short and long term, to take the responsibility of oil spill issues from the company enabling use resources for the area of expertise
  • Crisis management services
  • Training employees and subcontractors where required
  • Internal coordination between departments and external liaison with authorities
  • In-field support for critical / higher risk operations
  • Produce, update or advise on contingency plans
  • Undertake capability assessments of sites/operations
  • In-field equipment hire including maintenance and training
  • Oil spill management
  • Oil spill consultancy
  • Equipment hire and exercise

All of the above can be activated and engaged in very short timescales avoiding the sometimes lengthy process.

We offer an end-to-end oil spill service that provides an integrated solution to all your oil spill preparedness and response needs. Through open communication with our Members, regulators and other stakeholders we are able to understand the needs and desires of everyone involved.