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Atmosphere Company have the capability to monitor the environmental (air quality, noise, soil, ground water and surface water) and also supply equipment’s and instruments for monitoring purpose (Field monitoring and installing fixed monitoring station) which includes:

  1. Field survey for ambient air quality monitoring through equipment’s mentioned bellow.
  2. Field survey for soil quality monitoring
  3. Field survey for water quality monitoring (mentioned bellow)
  4. Fixed station for ambient air quality
  5. Fixed station for water quality assessment
  6. Fixed station for water level
  7. Continious Animal monitoring by IR Camera
  8. Diffusion Tube for long-term ambient air quality (2-4weeks) for SO2, NO2, H2S etc.
  9. Continious Noise monitoring system
  10. Traffic survey and monitoring through manual and equipment installing.
  11. Monitoring report for results analysis for air, water, soil, drill cut, noise etc.